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Walk-in Movies

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Have you ever missed an episode of your favourite show? Do you wish you could re-watch that movie you watched as a kid and just don't have the time? Do you just need some you time to unwind at the end of the day (or week)? Has your week of walking been upset by rain, heat or humidity? Walking has so many benefits for your body, the least of which being increased circulation, improved respiratory and immune system function, as well as a clearer head. However, more than half the population are classed as 'sedentary' (less than 5000 steps per day, on average). This is having dire effects on rates of diabetes, heart disease and even recovery rates from minor illnesses. You can get your steps up and boost your mood and cardiovascular function by taking some time on the treadmill. Walk away your worries at a walk-in movie (or show). You can feel free to view on your own streaming device or on the not-so-big, yet strategically positioned screen. Heat and humidity need no longer be a concern either because of the indoor setting with temperature controlled's not often you get to choose how much you sweat. You also get to choose how long you last..a whole movie? Remember Titannic and Avatar 2 are over two and a half hours!! Or you can just do a couple of episodes of your current binge, it's up to you!

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