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When people think about basketball, or any sport really, they think of all the skills they see on TV...or the representative and elite players who young players emulate, who have been polishing their skills for years (and sometimes decades) to be where they are today.

Basketball is not just on the court

Many people don't realize how convertible many sports skills are into everyday life (and vice versa). By participation in regular physical activity, whether basketball or something else, participants also improve cognitive abilities (thinking ability) as well as all the physical attributes that come with it.

We can talk all day about hand-eye coordination and shooting ability or running speed but with sports also come a lot of what are considered to be 'soft' skills that are highly beneficial in the outside (and adult) world.


Self-confidence can be improved by developing in the other pillars of the Whole Player Model, including getting enough rest (recovery), paying attention to food (nutrition) and mindfulness (mindset), because the better players take care of themselves, the better they feel about themselves and the better they perform.


Competence, put simply, is the level at which a person is able to perform a skill. When a player feels they have performed a skill well, they want to keep doing that skill. By focusing on coaching feedback and interaction through smaller group (team) sizes, players are able to improve their competencies faster.


Over 80% of communication is non verbal. In developing their ability to not only understand themselves and communicate with themselves more effectively, Players in the Whole Player Model are also able to read and communicate with others (players, coaches, parents, teachers) more effectively


Self-awareness starts with understanding of personal motives and triggers. Players in the Whole Player Model are able to communicate their physical, mental and emotional needs better, because they learn greater self-awareness through activities and experiences in their coaching program.

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