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Crazy Rich Asians - Rags to riches or playing to win?

In case you haven't seen it, this 2018 film is a true rags to riches story of Rachel Chu, an economics professor at NYU who falls in love with Nick Young who, unbeknownst to her, is from a crazy Rich family.

When I say crazy Rich, I don't mean they own a number of houses...or even a small island. According to the movie, they own half of Singapore (a slight exaggeration but you get the drift).

The couple have been dating for a year and Rachel is invited to Nick's best friend's wedding, nothing special about that until she discovers that Nick is part of the highest society in Singapore.

Now Rachel is from New York City and knows a bit about money and how it grows and flows, being an economics professor but even this blew her mind.

The film navigates us through the snobbiness and bitchiness that Rachel faces (and would have to deal with daily if she stays with Nick) from the friends, the family and especially his mother.

She decides that he, that love is worth it and she is willing to walk away from him, not to protect herself so much as to keep Eleanor, his mother happy. She shares this possibility over a game of mah-jong

In the end, everyone wins!! Eleanor submits to Nick's desires to accept Rachel and Rachel gets her man. Apparently there's a sequel in the works so we can see what happens next...or you could just read the novel series - Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

How does this relate to operating a business? Quite often, BIG decisions need to be made. A business owner sometimes needs to figure out if they want to hold on or walk away from their 'baby', and continue to be put through theirs and everyone else's expectations, business snobbiness and even just the day-to-day personal withdrawal from society for the greater cause. Always asking themselves if it's worth the time, energy and sacrifice.

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