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Stress requires recovery and in this video I discussed different types of things that may cause stress. In this video I also touched on all the Pillars of the Whole Player Model (Skills, Nutrition, Mindset, Self-management, Recovery, Relationships)

and how they can be affected by stress that we encounter in everyday life.

Physical stress can affect us mentally through increased (delayed) reaction time.

Emotional stress can be felt physically through fatigue or mentally through distraction.

All stress needs recovery and not necessarily in the way we think. Sometimes emotional stress can be catered for through relationships and communication or sometimes, just physical rest.

Stress affects and is affected by all the Pillars of the Whole Player Model. It's up to you to listen to your body and learn what it needs to make a full recovery.

Today, I'll be taking things a bit slower than usual but obviously, not stopping completely. I think a movie for mental recovery is in order to just disengage for a while

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